Tortuga Rum Turtles, Chocolate, with Sea Salt

A taste of the Caribbean. When Columbus discovered the Cayman Island, he named them Las Tortugas, the Spanish word for turtle because of the many turtles sunning on the sandy shores. The turtle has become an emblem of the Cayman Islands and in 1984 inspired the name of our family-owned business, the Tortuga Rum Company. Today the Tortuga brand is known worldwide for its award-winning rums, authentic rum cakes and a growing array of Caribbean products. Enjoy our gourmet, tropical twist to a classic confection - Tortuga Rum Turtles - rich, milk chocolate covered rum caramel with pecans and a sprinkling of sea salt. 12 premium, hand-crafted chocolates. We ship worldwide! To Order: Shop Online: Toll free USA 24 hour service. Call 1-800-444-0625 / Fax: 1-888-440-Cake (2253). To re-order 24 hour USA fax: 1-888-440-Cake (2253) or call 10800-444-0625.