Sun Tropics Coco Rolls, Salted Caramel

Gluten free. Dairy free. Rolled coconut wafer. Made with pure coconut cream. Dip. Swirl. Share. Growing up in Asia was exciting. The aromas. The textures. The flavors. A passion for sharing our vibrant culture became our mission for sharing our vibrant culture because our mission to transform childhood favorites and authentic street foods into portable everyday snacks. Our promise is simple ingredients, unique textures and adventurous flavors. We hope sharing the snacks we love will transform strangers into friends. - Sharon & Ashley. Our Cocorolls are inspired by traditional rolled-thin pancakes sold from pushcarts in Thailand. We blend just a few pure ingredients together and bake in small batches to create twelve golden crisp layers all rolled up into the perfect anytime cookie snack. Rice flour. Salted caramel. Coconuts from third-generation family farms. Follow us (at)suntropics. Product of Thailand.