Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, Gluten Free Everything Flavor, 5 Oz

Snack Factory Gluten Free Pretzel Crisps are a modern twist on traditional pretzels. Baked thin and crunchy, they provide snackers with a deliciously crunchy and gluten free choice. Just like our classic Everything flavor, these Gluten Free Everything Pretzel Crisps are perfectly seasoned and give you that satisfying, hearty crunch in a versatile shape that's dippable, spreadable, and deliciously snackable. They’re satisfying as-is or pair perfectly with dips and spreads, like cream cheese for a fun spin on the everything bagel. The convenient, resealable, 5-ounce pretzel bags are ideal for keeping on hand or grabbing to go for an ideal anytime snack. If you have family or friends who enjoy gluten free snacks, they can choose Gluten Free Pretzel Crisps with confidence. Dip or no dip, Gluten Free Everything Pretzel Crisps are flat-out delicious.