SexyPop Popcorn, Gourmet, Pineapple Habanero

35 calories per cup! 140 calories per serving. See nutrition facts on back panel. Certified gluten-free. Popcorn with an edge! SexyPop is just sexy! Get over it, it's sexy. Just let go and believe in yourself and be confident. Confidence is sexy! Smart is sexy! Attitude is sexy! SexyPop is air popped! SexyPop is popcorn with an edge. We're popping for you - Robert. Certified gluten free. Kosher. Non GMO. Zero trans fat. 4 g sugars. No cholesterol. 12% DV fiber. 2 g protein. Rated A for awesome. Engage with us. Connect at sexypopcorn. Come out of your shell. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.