Sensible Portions® Apple Straws™ Cinnamon Multigrain Snack 6 oz. Bag

Sensible Portions™ Apple Straws™ Cinnnamon Multigrain Snack. 30% less fat than the leading potato chips*. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Snack smart. Resist less. What makes our snacks so irresistible The combination of pureed apples and 30% less fat than the leading potato chips provides a better-for-you snack. Next, we provide the perfect pairing for an apple through sprinkling with ground cinnamon. Some say it tastes like an apple pie, others say it tastes like a baked apple. What do you think Snack more. Guilt less. Our straws are not quite a chip, crisp, or stick. With these airy, crunchy straw snacks, you'll never want to stop snacking ... and with this guiltless snack, you won't have to! That's why we call ourselves Sensible Portions®. What is your favorite flavor These tempting straw snacks also come in other varieties such as Garden Veggie Straws® sea salt, garden Veggie Straws® zesty Ranch, or Garden Veggie Chips™, perfect for dipping. Garden veggie, straws, sea salt. Garden veggie, Chips™, sea salt. 30% less fat than the leading potato chips† Non-GMO. Certified kosher. 0g trans fat. No artificial flavor or preservatives. 0mg cholesterol. Vegan. †Per 1oz serving - fat. This product - 7g. Leading potato chip - 10g. Teracycle®. Recyclable through the TerraCycle® network of collection programs Write us at: Sensible Portions® Consumer Relations, 4600 Sleepytime Drive, Boulder, CO 80301 or call: 800-913-6637. Want more ways to be sensible Visit us at for more information. ©2015 The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.