Hershey and Mondelez Fruit Flavored Assortment Candy, 41.82 oz, Bulk Bag (115 Pieces)

Get ready for your Halloween parties and neighborhood trick-or-treaters with this delicious assortment of Hershey and Mondelez candy that includes SOUR PATCH KIDS, TWIZZLERS Twists strawberry-flavored chewy candy, TWIZZLERS PULL 'N' PEEL cherry-flavored chewy candy and JOLLY RANCHERS fruit-flavored lollipops. This bag has all the classics to let every monster choose a favorite. Send each ghost, goblin and ghoul home with a smile on their face this Halloween if you're looking to avoid the trick with just the right treat. Your party favors, Halloween decorations and candy bowls will be a crowd favorite with these bite-size candies, but don't forget to hold onto a few for yourself! Try a TWIZZLERS Twists candy on top of your cupcake icing or SOUR PATCH KIDS candy around your favorite dessert for a fun twist on Halloween chills. If you're feeling crafty this year, bring your fruit-flavored candy assortment into the kitchen. Top off your baked goods and edible Halloween crafts to make you forget all about the season's fright.