M&M'S Almond Chocolate Eggs Easter Candy Bag, 9.2 Oz

M&M'S Almond Chocolate Eggs Easter Candy is dressed in bright colors for spring. This bulk candy bag is filled with M&M'S Almond Candy shaped like Easter eggs. Each piece is made with roasted almonds and real milk chocolate coated in a pastel-covered shell, making them a delightfully festive addition to your Easter celebrations. Use these colorful Easter candies as decorations to make candy dishes pop at the office or at home. The spring-inspired colors are a unique way to decorate baked goods and dessert tables. Fill Easter eggs and gift baskets with M&M’S Almond Candies to delight party guests. Each bag has enough M&M'S Candy deliciousness to share with friends and family at Easter and springtime gatherings, as well as baby showers and birthday parties. Bring the fun to your Easter celebrations with M&M’S Almond Chocolate Eggs Easter Candy.