Candy, Crush Soda Fruit Mix Flavor

Delicious & Mischievous. Mischief-filled SOUR PATCH KIDS candy are SOUR THEN SWEET. Soft, chewy, and fun, this treat has different Crush Soda–inspired flavors for a fruity twist on the original confection. Combine the taste of the popular candy and soft drink with Crush Fruit Mix Flavor SOUR PATCH KIDS Candy! SOUR. SWEET. GONE. SOUR PATCH KIDS candy is great for treats, birthday favors, and more. Fill candy jars and goodie baskets, delight party-goers, or complete stocking stuffers with this playful confection. Beloved by all, SOUR PATCH KIDS candy make every occasion sweeter. - Add this package of Crush Fruit Mix Flavor SOUR PATCH KIDS Candy to your cart for mischief-filled treats.