Planters Recipe Ready Walnuts 10 oz. Bag

Planters Walnut Halves offer a buttery flavor and a satisfying crunch. Keep a bag of walnuts in your pantry so youre always recipe-ready. Bring a rich flavor to your pancakes by stirring walnut halves into the batter, or add some extra crunch to your chocolate chip cookies by adding roasted nuts to the recipe. Sprinkle these chopped walnuts with cinnamon and sugar for a tasty candied walnut that spices up your holiday party. These roasted walnuts deliver multiple vitamins and minerals, and they contain 0 g. trans fat, so you can feel good about grabbing a handful as a between-meal snack. Planters Walnut Halves come in a 10 oz. bag and make a great snack for those keeping Kosher.