Planters Blanched Slivered Sliced Almonds, 2.0 oz Bag

Planters Blanched Slivered Almonds come recipe-ready right out of the bag. Add them to desserts, rice dishes and muffins or use them as a salad topping for a touch of crunch and irresistible nutty flavor. These sliced almonds come unsalted to match the flavor of any dish. This bag is packed with nothing but pure slivered almonds. Pour this bag of almonds into your dessert batters, or sprinkle the slivers as a garnish for a fancy presentation. Roast almonds in the oven to enhance their flavor. Try mixing roasted almonds with raisins for a delicious on the go snack pack. For hassle-free recipe prep, simply toss these crunchy nuts directly into your recipes. Each 2 ounce bag of almonds includes roughly 1/2 cup of nuts for easy measuring.