Mi-Del Limited Edition Gluten Free Candy Cane Cremes

All natural. Gluten free. Perfect for those with gluten sensitivity. Limited edition. Tingling taste sensations for the holidays! Made with the perfect blend of chocolate and peppermint, Mi-Del Candy Cane Cremes burst with delicious cool minty flavor. Taste Why They're Mi-Delicious? For over 60 years, we've used the same simple baking methods - no food additives, just simply delicious all natural cookies. And whether you have a gluten intolerance (celiac disease) or avoid eating wheat for other dietary concerns, our Gluten-Free Candy Cane Cremes will satisfy your cookie cravings. Try the simple goodness of all our delicious gluten-free, all natural cookies. Snaps and cookies, made with organic ingredients, sandwich cookies, single serve and bite size cookies. midelcookies.com. panosbrands.com.