Eden Nori Krinkles

Toasted sea vegetable. Resealable package. Toasted Eden Nori Krinkles are delicious Porphyra yezoensis nori cultivated for over 300 years in Japan. Its popularity in the West is from its health benefits and being the best tasting seaweed, by far. Nori Krinkles' melt in your mouth crispy texture, and mild sweet flavor, make it a popular snack and garnish. It is very low in sodium and a good source of vitamin C. Eden Nori is grown in the environmentally protected Ise (ee-say) Bay of central eastern Japan. After harvest and traditional preparation the Krinkles are toasted to crispy perfection. Toasted Eden Nori Krinkles can be eaten right out of the package as a healthy snack. Traditionally they are use in miso soup, and to garnish grains, vegetables, and almost any dish. They are commonly used as a condiment or garnish for traditional noodles and broth. They complement all cuisines and all foods. The traditional Japanese sea vegetable industry that Eden Foods supports produces the cleanest, most nutritious, and delicious sea vegetables in the world. We monitor the growing environs and test their purity continuously. Over 1,100 free recipes edenfoods.com. Imported from Japan.