Eatrageous Chips, Crunchy Mac N' Cheese

The new spin on chips. Never fried. All natural. Never baked. Extra crunchy. The new spin on chips! Yup, these chips are different. From the shape to how we make them, Eatrageous has cooked up an unusually better snack. Our tube-shaped chips give you all the crunch you crave with chef inspired flavors that really grab your taste buds. And, what's truly surprising is that nothing in this bag is fried, baked, or flat. Just pure taste and crunch in a noticeably healthier chip. We craft Eatrageous chips using all natural ingredients and clean cooking technology our unique preparation method reduces calories and virtually eliminates fat while maintaining a delicious crunch. We give you more chips in every bag without the guilt and grease. Discover our cleaner way to snack. Made from non-GMO ingredients. Gluten free. 5% of profits feed the hungry. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to help. Facebook. Twitter. 100 calories per serving. All natural. 0 grams trans fat. No cholesterol. 80% less fat than typical fried chips. Crunch the numbers.