Wheat Thins Ranch Whole Grain Wheat Crackers, 9 oz

100% Whole Grain. 100% Irresistible! There’s nothing like the crunch of Ranch Flavor Wheat Thins Crackers. These baked crackers are made with 100% whole grain wheat, making for a tasty and wholesome snack. Serve them with cheese, soup, or dip, or enjoy them in place of your favorite chips. A Permissibly Indulgent Snack - Wheat Thins crackers have the crispy texture and savory taste you crave, minus the artificial colors and flavors you try to avoid. You can always feel good about these crackers, whether you’re prepping finger foods or appetizers for a party, picking snacks for school or the office, making a care package or gift basket, or simply munching at home. Add this package of Wheat Thins Ranch Flavor Crackers to your cart for wholesome snacks.