Team USA RITZ Original Crackers, Limited Edition, 13.7 oz

Team USA RITZ Crackers have the same rich, flaky buttery flavor you know but come in limited edition patriotic sleeves. Whether it’s a formal event or a gathering of friends to cheer on Team USA, these tasty round crackers are an ideal snack food, appetizer, or quick meal. - RITZ salted crackers provide a creative canvas for a variety of toppings. Take picnics to the next level by making RITZ pulled pork bites, topped with coleslaw, BBQ pork, and a jalapeño slice, or layer peanut butter, jelly, or both between two crispy RITZ snack crackers for a special lunch treat. RITZ crackers are delicious all on their own too, so keep them on your shelf of salty snack food for an easy anytime treat. - This package includes 1 - 13.7 oz box of limited edition Team USA RITZ Original Crackers.