Nonni's® Thinaddictives® Pistachio Almond Thin Cookies 4.4 oz. Box

Portion packs. Lightly sweet & crunchy. Real almonds & pistachio. No artificial flavors. 100 calories per pack of 3. Artisan baked. Italian inspired. Est 1988. Baked with real nuts & loaded with almonds. Our family recipe Almond Thin cookies are handcrafted with premium ingredients like wheat flour, real pistachios and whole almonds. Thinaddictives is your wholesome snack that delivers deliciously real taste and 0 guilt. A perfect treat for a healthy and happy life. Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, please call us at 1-877-295-9604. Visit our website at So thin, soo crunchy, sooo addictive! On the go! Made in Canada.