Xochitl Organic Mexican Style Sea Salt Blue Corn Chips 16 oz

No preservatives. At Xochitl, our mission has always been to provide the finest products and flavors made from authentic ancient recipes. The Aztecs steeped kernels of corn in lime overnight and ground them with large stones to create a dough called Nixtamal, which they used to make tortillas. Hundreds of years later, our Totopos de Maiz (corn chips) are oven-baked and quick fried to perfection, creating the deliciously thin and crispy chips that you are about to enjoy. We care for our customers and their families, which is why we use the highest quality ingredients and non-hydrogenated oils. Try these corn chips with any of our salsas and experience the flavors of ancient cooking. Xo Thin. Xo Crisp. Xo Good. Xochitl. We invite you to try our Totopos de Maiz (corn chips) with any of our salsas, and experience the ancient flavors that have been carefully recreated from Aztec and Mayan recipes. Xochitl, means flower in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. Taste and enjoy the tradition! We use only the best organic corn and organic non-hydrogenated oils, selected for their unique flavors and characteristics.