Michael Seasons Potato Chips, Thin & Crispy, Reduced Fat, Ripple

Feel good snacking. Natural gourmet. Gluten-free. Reduced fat. 30% less at. No trans fat. The leading reduced fat, traditional potato chip in America! Always free of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors and MSG, all you get is unsurpassed taste in a better for you snack. We invite you to experience all of our delicious products: Reduced Fat UnSalted Boldness Potato Chips; Reduced Fat Kettle Style Chips; Lite Puffs & Curls; Ultimate Cheddar Puffs & Curls. All natural. MSG free. No artificial colors or preservatives. We are the leading reduced fat traditional potato chip in America. Our process is proprietary and consistently results in a chip that delivers a great potato flavor, and a satisfying crunch. Comparison per Serving: Most Other Leading Brands of Potato Chips: 10 g total fat. Michael Season's Reduced Fat Potato Chips: 7 g total fat. Our chips are not flakes, reconstituted or extruded. We are select GMO free potatoes, GMO free hi-oleic expeller pressed canola and/or sunflower oil, salt and nothing more! We guarantee the freshness of every bag. If you're not completely satisfied, please send us the empty bag with the freshness date and your comments. Your valuable input helps us maintain the highest possible quality. Quality snacks since 1983. Freshness guaranteed. www.seasonssnacks.com. Product of USA.