Barbaras Wheatines Saltine-Style Crackers, Cracked Pepper

Lightly salted tops. Made with organic whole wheat flour. Fresh cracked pepper, deliciously light & crisp and no cholesterol. Barbara's Cracked Pepper Wheatines are crispy saltine style crackers with a delicate texture, bursting with fresh peppercorn flavor. We select only the finest organic whole wheat for Barbara's Wheatines, Also, unlike ordinary crackers, they are low in fat & sodium, and contain no hydrogenated oil, no refines sugar, and no preservatives. Barbara's Cracked Pepper Wheatines are so versatile. Smother them with your favorite spreads and topping, or serve them with soups, salads and casserole. They're just right for any occasion. Enjoy Barbara's Cracked Pepper Wheatines - the all natural, wonderfully light crackers with the whole wheat crunch. They're form Barbara's so you know they're delicious. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Product of USA.