Frontera Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa

With roasted tomatillo. Limited edition seasonal recipe. 100% natural. hand-crafted with fresh ingredients. All natural. No preservatives. From the kitchen of Chef Rick Bayless. I love salsa in every season. But especially in fall, because that's when we make this unexpectedly delicious combination of velvety pumpkin and tangy roasted tomatillos with the sweet-smoky glow of chipotle chiles. Oh, and there's a little roasted garlic, too, just for good measure. Scoop it up with our artisanal Frontera tortilla chips. Our spoon it on roasted chicken or slow-cooked pork. You'll be happy you did. Chef Rick Bayless: Bravo's Top Chef Masters and James Beard Award Winner, celebrated author and host of Public Television's Mexico - One Plate at a Time.