HERSHEY'S Build-A-Santa Milk Chocolate Candy, 4 oz, Bar

Create your very own chocolate Santa Claus with HERSHEY'S Build-A-Santa solid milk chocolate candy! Each pack of chocolate comes with seven blocks — Santa's iconic hat, a jolly Santa face, his arms, his belly and booted legs! Gather the kids around and have them design special Christmas candy treats. Have you ever seen Santa with a tall hat stacked three high? Or a Saint Nick with two chocolaty heads? It's all about having fun and getting everyone's creative and chocolaty juices flowing — adults too! Stuff a Build-A-Santa candy bar into everyone's stockings or set them out as a holiday activity to add a sweet moment to your Christmas traditions. If you're feeling extra imaginative, add icing, sprinkles and other decorations to the Santa masterpieces. After a cheerful Christmas afternoon of building and decorating, indulge in the cute milk chocolate candies with a cold glass of milk to finish off the day.