Angie's™ Boomchickapop® Holidrizzle® Frosted Sugar Cookie Flavored Kettle Corn 4.5 oz. Bag

140 calories per serving. See nutrition information for fat content and saturated fat content. Our totally fantastical. Contains nothing but ingredients you'll love. 0 grams trans fat. Whole grain. Certified gluten-free. Nom nom now. It's time you had a fairy snackmother. Snacking is the best part about life. It should be both delicious and carefree. Like magical yoga pant material, or weird nail polish colors. And because it's made by Angie's, Frosted Sugar Cookie Kettle Corn has all the warmth and goodness of freshly baked cookies without getting flour all over your counters. Yummy? Yes. Messy? No. Always real. Whole grain. No high-fructose corn syrup. 0 g trans fat. Kosher. Dairy. Non GMO: Non-GMO popcorn. If you holiday cookies don't scream Pinterest, you can always tell people your kids helped decorate them. Delightfully different.