Chosen Foods Quinoa, Royal White, 100% Organic

Delicate grain-like seed, with a fluffy texture and mild nutty flavor. Non GMO Project: Verified. 100% organic. USDA organic. Verified quality. High in protein. Pre-washed. A source of fiber. Minerals. Tried. Tested. True nutrition. Premium Organic Royal Quinoa. 13,000 feet above sea level in Bolivia lies a portion of the Altiplano - the extensive area where the Andes mountain range is at its widest. The Bolivian indigenous Aymara people inhabit this cool, arid and mountainous landscape. The Aymara are farmers of a unique variety of quinoa called Quinoa Real or Royal Quinoa. In fact, this special variety can only be grown in the Altiplano salt flats of Bolivia. This pearl shaped pseudo-grain is not actually a grain at all, but a seed. It can however be used just like a grain. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and contains all 8 essential amino acids, making it a complete vegan protein source. Its mild flavor and fluffy texture stands up well to bold flavors like basil, lime and chili. Quinoa can be served as a side, in soups, in salad or even as a nutritious alternative to traditional breakfast cereal. Royal Quinoa has given hope to people living in Bolivia’s most destitute and isolated regions. This prized variety of Quinoa was once reserved strictly for royals, hence the varietal name, Quinoa Real. Chosen Foods works directly with traditional Amayra farmers to deliver this highly coveted crop to your local store shelves. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Questions? Call us (877) 674-2244. Find delicious recipes at: Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Pinterest. Verified Quality: Chosen Foods oversees and guides each step, from field to table. We are committed to transparency - from our farming, to our processing, to the nutrient claims on every label. We conduct extensive quality testing and show these tests to you. We don't just tell you our products have value, we prove it! Product of Bolivia.