Pedigree® Chopped Ground Dinner with Chicken and with Beef Dog Food Variety Pack 12-13.2 oz. Cans

6 with chicken. 6 with beef. Made with real chicken or beef. Dogs bring out the good in us. Pedigree brings out the good in them. Our Promise: Complete satisfaction guaranteed. Feed the good. When a dog is healthy and happy, there's no limit to the amount of good they can infuse into our lives. That's why we offer meaty, great tasting Pedigree recipes that are sure to delight your dog, while delivering targeted nutrients that dogs need to be at their best. Our commitment to dogs doesn't stop at food. We also believe every dog deserves a loving home. That's why we're passionate about helping shelter dogs find forever families. With so much good to share, every man's-best-friend deserves a best friend. To find out how the Pedigree brand makes it possible to adopt good into your life, visit Made in the USA with the world's finest ingredients.