Temptations® Tumblers™ Savory Salmon & Tuna Flavors Treats for Cats 6 oz. Pouch

Play time. Toss roll & treat! Treat time is irresistibly playful with Temptations Tumblers Treats! Now you can roll, toss or bounce treats for your cats. Ready to play? Waltham - A world leading authority on pet care and nutrition. Questions or comments? 1-800-525-5273. Stay fresh pouch! Made in Canada. Give your cat the thrill of the chase with TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS Treats for Cats! Now your feline friend's favorite crunchy and savory snack is designed to make playtime more exciting. Simply toss, roll and watch as your cat chases after the delicious salmon and tuna flavors and irresistibly smooth treat center. Best of all, TEMPTATIONS Treats for Cats provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult maintenance and help with tartar control. Active cats can't wait to get their paws on TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS Cat Treats Savory Salmon and Tuna Flavors.; TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS Cat Treats are fun, sphere-shaped snacks that are 100% nutritionally complete for adult cat maintenance and help control tartar.; In a secret underground laboratory, we discovered how to harness the power of cat love in a flavorful, bite-sized treat. TEMPTATIONS Treats for Cats.