Purina Friskies Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Prime Filets Beef, Chicken, Ocean Whitefish & Turkey

Please your cat's palate with every meal when her dinners come out of this Purina Friskies Prime Filets wet cat food variety pack. She'll never be bored at mealtime with four delectable flavors to choose from, including Beef in Gravy, Ocean Whitefish and Tuna in Sauce, Chicken in Gravy, and Turkey Dinner in Gravy. Each recipe in this variety pack features savory morsels of real meat smothered in gravy or sauce for a palate-pleasing texture and a savory taste she can't get enough of. High-quality protein from tender meaty chunks, and plenty of added vitamins and minerals, ensure that every meal in this pack is 100 percent complete and balanced for adult cats, so you can feel as good feeding her a nutritious meal as she is eating a delicious one. Make supper sensational by filling her tummy every day with this yummy Purina Friskies Prime Filets wet cat food.