Bove's All Natural Pasta Sauce Vodka

All natural pasta sauce. Since 1941. Three generations into this adventure, we know what makes people happy-simple, fresh, lip-smackin', and there's-always-more-where-that-came-from pasta, meatballs, and sauces. Sometimes we have to wonder, when the heck did food get so pretentious? Are regular folks even allowed to cook anymore? We day take the kitchen back. If you love good food, simply and lovingly prepared, you're our kind of people. You know, the fun kind. Bove's. Easy-to-make made great. Handcrafted with plum tomatoes, sweet cream, and a pinch of crushed red pepper and slow-cooked for smooth, zesty goodness. Gluten free. No added sugar. No GMOs. No preservatives. Questions? Suggestions? Congratulations? Call the Sauce Line at 802-862-7235 or visit us at Made in USA.