Ronzoni® Smart Taste® Elbows 12 oz. Box

Since 1915. 2.5x the fiber of regular pasta (20% (5g) of the daily value of fiber compared to 8% (2g) of the daily value per serving for enriched macaroni products) & same great taste. Smart eating means combining great taste with nutrition. Ronzoni smart taste pasta looks, cooks and tastes like regular pasta with 2.5x the fiber per serving. It's a smart way for your family to get more nutrition from every meal. Box filled at least to here. Product may settle. The amount of pasta in this box may vary from similar-sized pasta boxes. Our products are sold by weight, not volume. Ronzoni smart taste elbows is perfect for your favorite macaroni & cheese recipes, pasta salad dishes, and more. Ronzoni smart taste. Same great taste. Smarter pasta.