DeLallo Ditalini Rigati, No. 57

Authentic organic pasta. Since 1950. 100% organic. Made with bronze plates. USDA organic. The art of making pasta begins with the selection of the grain. True durum wheat semolina flour is organically grown in the Tavoliere delle Puglie where the climate and soil produce a natural grain that is unmatched in quality. The carefully milled semolina is combined with cool filtered water and kneaded gently to an exact consistency which is then extruded into various shapes through bronze plates. These bronze plates are what give our pasta it's unique coarse texture that allows the sauce and the pasta to adhere to one another, permitting their individual flavors to marry into a delectable palate. DeLallo pasta follows artisan workmanship which calls for the pasta to be dried slowly at a low temperatures to retain nutrients and, most importantly, its full flavor. The result of our labor is authentic, 100% organic Italian pasta made with integrity. Thank you and enjoy! Certified organic by ICEA. Produced & packed in Italy. Made in Italy.