Artigiano Pastaio Giuseppe Cocco Penne

Enriched macaroni product. The old master pasta-makers claimed that there were four ingredients to a good pasta: the grain, the water, the air and the workmanship. The excellent physical properties of the water of the River Verde (the Green River), which springs naturally from the mountains just here, coupled with the particular dry, windy climate of the place, which is perfect for the pasta drying process, are the two ingredients that mother nature has given Fara San Martino, and which make the pasta produced here unique. The quality of the pasta depends, among other things, on a very carefully controlled drying process, which also ensures the pasta's nutritional properties and its quality during the cooking process. This stage is entrusted to the experience and expertise of the master pasta-maker, who decides how the pasta should be arranged on the beechwood frames, how much air is needed and scrupulously watches over the driers. Proceeding by these methods, which are rigorously craftsman-like, means taking more time and space, and means producing pasta in smaller quantities. But it also means, above all, preserving the taste and flavour of pasta as it used to be in times gone by. And it is precisely this that interests Cavaliere Giuseppe Cocco, or Mastro Pepper, as he is called. Cooking time: 10 minutes. Product of Italy.