Wacky Mac® Mac & Cheese™ Mix Dinner 5.5 oz. Box

Made with real cheddar cheese. What in the world is Wacky Mac? It's four different shapes of macaroni. It's all mixed up and it's crazy. But it's great fun to eat. Wacky Mac is bite-size shells, wagon wheels, spiral and tubes. Wacky Mac is made from the finest durum semolina. When combined with our top quality cheese sauce mix, you and your family will enjoy a quick and tasty macaroni & cheese dinner. Light Prep Per Serving: 280 calories; 4 g total fat; 2 g sat fat; 0 g trans fat; 600 mg sodium. Classic Prep Per Serving: 440 calories; 14 g total fat; 9 g sat fat; 0 g trans fat; 750 mg sodium. Visit us at: www.wackymac.com or call 1-800-730-5957.