Idahoan Bacon & Ranch Homestyle Casserole, 4oz (Pack of 12)

Perfect for family meals or special occasions, this pack comes with our delicious and creamy Idahoan Bacon & Ranch Casserole potatoes. Made with 100% Real Idaho potatoes, there’s no better way to start a hearty home-style casserole than with these delicious potatoes! Our home-style casserole potatoes are great for starting a casserole or as a simply delicious side to any family meal. Each order includes 1 (4oz) box, 4 (1/2 Cup) servings. Whether you’re looking for your traditional comfort food, or wanting new excitement in your life, Idahoan delivers. Since 1951, Idahoan’s mission of innovation continues to bring you quality 100% REAL Idaho potatoes in all the ways you love. Whether it’s quality mashed potatoes, soups, casseroles or hash browns, in a pouch, bowl, cup or more, Idahoan Foods will continue to bring you Homemade Taste—Every Time