Maine Coast Organic Sea Vegetables - Sushi Nori Sheets - Toasted Chinese - .6 oz

A sushi quality sea vegetable from China. New fresh-lock. Reclosable bag. Certified organic OCIA. USDA organic. Why is Maine Coat Sea Vegetables selling certified organic Chinese nori? Ever since we began harvesting indigenous seaweeds in 1971, our friends and customers have been asking for a good, clean nori sheet. First we tried making a rough and tough sheet from our local Porphyra species. Then we invested in a sheet-making machine and supported another Maine company in an unsuccessful attempt to grow tender Porphyra on nets. During that process we discovered how much the Chinese had learned about the art of making nori and started selling some of their excellent sheets. Then several years ago we traveled to China and started the process of organically certifying nori through the Chinese branch of OCIA International, our seaweed certifier here. Now, with the help of a third-party importer, we are delighted to offer you a delicious nori sheet that comes from a farm where: No chemical fertilizer has been added to the sporing tanks to increase productivity; No chemical dip has been used to clean competing species from the nori nets; No artificial fertilizer has been released into the grow-out area to speed growth; All harvesting and handling procedures have been inspected to eliminate sources of contamination; Workers are treated well (often family), are paid living wages and share profits. Just to be safe, we lab test here for heavy metals, herbicides, radioactivity, pesticides, petroleum and microbiological contamination. This is some of what certified organic stands for and we hope you appreciate these unseen but important distinctions. General Usage: We find these organic sheets are of exceptional sushi quality: uniform in texture, thickness and luster. And they have a freshness to their taste that's often missing in other nori. Besides being excellent for traditional sushi, these sheets can be torn, cut or crumbled to season soups, salads, sandwiches, stir fries, pasta dishes, even baked goods. We trust you will enjoy their distinctive flavor, aroma and color and be happy to know they are certified organic. Certified organic by OCIA (US-ORG-044). Product of China.