Maggies Farm No Spill Ant Kill

For indoor & outdoor use. Patent pending, moist gel. Kills common household ants (Kills: ants (except carpenter ants, fire ants and harvester ants)). Net Contents: 6 x 0.25 oz stations. Simply effective. Rigid gel. Will not spill out. Maggie's Farm Simply Effective No Spill Ant Kill is a patent pending, rigid gel formulation (similar to gelatin). The rigid gel contains a high moisture content, like liquid bait, yet remains rigid at temperatures up to 130 degrees F. Since ants can walk on top of the bait, more ants can feed at one time. Green zone brand. Formulated in the heartland. WBE: Woman business enterprise. NWBOC certified. Warranty Limitations and Disclaimer: Seller makes no warranty expressed or implied, concerning the use of this product other than as indicated on the label. Buyer accepts this material subject to these terms, and assumes all risk of usage and handling except when used or handled in accordance with this label. There are no expressed or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, except as specifically stated herein. To the extent consistent with applicable law, the manufacturer shall not be liable for any consequential damages based on the use of the product. Call or Text: (816) 379-5387.