Carbona® Stain Devils® Nail Polish, Glue & Gum Spot Remover 1.7 oz. Squeeze Bottle

No. 1 specialty stain removers (based on unit sales). Spot remover for washable & dry clean only fabrics. The complete Stain Devils Stain Chart and social media links inside. We're taking the mystery out of stain removal! Visit to discover our Stain Clinic and instructional How-To Videos for quick and easy stain removal solutions. The Carbona Promise: You have the right to know what's inside the Carbona portfolio of specialty stain removal, laundry care, and household cleaning products, so we clearly print our ingredients on everything we make. That's The Carbona Promise. Stain Talk: Become a Cleaning Hero and join the conversation to help others tackle their toughest cleaning challenges. Sign up to receive exclusive offers and product news. Stain Devils Stain Chart: No. 1: Nail polish, glue & gum adhesives, candle wax, correction fluid. No 2: Chocolate, ketchup, mustard, pizza, sauces, salsa, spices. No. 3: Ink, marker & crayon, pen, pencil, highlighter, dry erase marker, chalk. No. 4: Blood, dairy & ice cream, baby formula, eggs. No. 5: Fat & cooking oil, butter, margarine, cooking grease, lard, mayonnaise, pesto. No. 6: Grass, dirt & makeup, mascara, lipstick, foundation, toothpaste, pollen. No. 7: Motor oil, tar & lubricants, machine oil and grease, lotion, tree sap, shoe polish, fuel, ash and soot, floor wax. No. 8: coffee, tea, wine & juice, cola, baby food, fruits & vegetables, jelly, jam, syrup, mold & mildew, urine, perfume, nicotine. No. 9. Rust & perspiration, deodorant. Made in Germany by: delta pronatura, Egelsbash.