Hero Clean Laundry Detergent, 5-in-1, Scent 1

Up to 32 (as measured for a medium HE load) loads. For all machines including HE. Sweat. Odors. Stains. Sport + everyday. Every bottle sold supports our nation's veterans. Odor Defeater Technology: Targets and neutralizes hard to remove sweat odor. 5-in-1 Detergent: Formulated for stains, odors, whitening, color brightening, and fabric longevity. 6 High-Octane Enzymes: Removes the toughest stains, while brightening whites, brightening colors, and protecting fabrics. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans of America (iava.org). For more information, visit www.hero-clean.com or call 844-839-Hero. Follow us on: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram. Hero Clean products are made in the USA.