Clorox® Control Bleach Packs Regular Laundry Packs, 12 Count

Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs™ bring you the Clorox® Bleach clean in a convenient pre-measured solid pack for easy dosing. The solid bleach packs allow you to enjoy whiter laundry and cleaner surfaces without the splash and spills. Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs are a convenient solution for cleaning fabrics, toilets, sinks and hard, nonporous surfaces. These specially formulated packs activate upon contact with water for added control. Simply throw a Bleach Pack in the washer drum or drop a pack into a bucket, sink or toilet and stir to dissolve. The packs will dissolve fully in the wash. These compact bleach pods make it easy to grab a pack or two of these and go. No mess, just fresh clean clothes. Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs let you clean with the same trusted Clorox® power without worrying about bleach spills, splatters or other laundry mishaps.