Cascade Dishwasher Detergent ActionPacs, Fresh Scent, 54 count

6x power (Compare Cascade's product power). Powers away greasy residue for sparkling dishes. Dawn - Grease fighting power. Phosphate free. Safe for septic tanks. Questions? 1-800-765-5516. Cascade ActionPacs contain water softening agents to help prevent materials in hard water from settling on your dishes, causing film. No. 1 recommended brand in North America (More dishwasher brands in North America recommend Cascade vs. any other automatic dishwashing detergent brand, recommendations as part of co-marketing agreements). Kitchen Aid. Maytag. Whirlpool Home Appliances. GE Appliances. Good Housekeeping: Since 1909. Limited warranty to consumers. Replacement or refund if defective. Cascade ActionPacs Sachets (Good): Overall Cleaning Power: Best of powder and gel combined; grease fighting power of Dawn; powers away tea and coffee stains; power away residues; brilliant shine.