Scented Living Fragrance, French Vanilla

Fragrance for the whole home. Simply attaches to any furnace/AC filter. Scratch for scent. Use Scented Living for your home or office to help eliminate odors and refresh your environment. Our special formula scents every room when your system is on. Simply attach Scented Living to any size air filter for central furnace/AC units, including electrostatic. Please do not use on electronic air cleaners. If fragrance is initially too strong, install half and store the other in a plastic storage bag for future use. Larger homes may require two pads for more effective fragrance. Other Uses: scenting small areas like bathrooms; trash cans; diaper pails; closets; vehicles; hook Scented Living to the front of an oscillating fan to scent one room at a time. Use Scented Living with a clean filter for days of pleasing whole home fragrance. Available in a variety of scents. Made in USA.