Trufuel Fuel + Oil, Engineered, 50:1 Mix

For 2-cycle engines. Ready to use. TruAdvantage. Minimum octane rating: 92. No ethanol. Convenience: Premixed means all you have to do is pour. No mixing, no mess, just fresh fuel every time. Does not degrade/oxidize like typical gasoline. Great for long-term storage. Performance: Our specially engineered fuel and synthetic oil means easier start up, increased trigger response and smoother idling with no smoke or plug fouling. Protection: No ethanol means less wear and tear on internal engine parts, preventing downtime and costly repairs. TruFuel ensures the right mix ratio and protection you need for the proper break-in of your new equipment. TruFuel with its synthetic oil meets or exceeds the warranty requirements of all manufacturers of air-cooled 2-cycle engines requiring 50:1 mix including: Stihl; Husqvarna; Echo; Shindaiwa; Ryobi; Maruyama. Always consult your owners manual for proper mix ratio. Our synthetic oil has passed all test requirements for JASO FD, IS-L-EDG, and API TC. Cleaner burning/benzene free. Please recycle.