Kiss My Face Deep Moisturizing Lotion 2 in 1 Lavender Shea

Kiss My Face® Lavender Shea™ 2 in 1 Deep Moisturizing Lotion. Rich Kiss™. Naturally Nourishing Antioxidants™. Moisturize & calm. No parabens, phthalates. Naturally Effective, Cruelty-Free®. Our Aromatherapeutic® formula has Naturally Nourishing Antioxidants™ like lavender botanicals and shea butter. One Kiss is all it Takes™ for a little tranquility. We kiss with purpose! For over 30 years we've been obsessively passionate about giving you naturally effective products with a healthy respect for our fragile planet. Our beliefs. Bob & Steve. Founders & Chief Kissers. Our recipe: No parabens, phthalates. Cruelty-free. Ethical sourcing. Tube made in North America. Tube HDPE, please recycle. For a lighter experience try Kiss My Face® Air Kiss™ light moisturizing lotions. Share the love. Visit us