Oral B Toothbrush, Rechargeable, Black 1000, Cross Action

3D action. Perfectly angled to get deep in between teeth. Removes 300% more plaque along the gum line (vs. a regular manual toothbrush). Handle, charger, brush head. No. 1 dentist used worldwide. Clinically proven. Oscillates oscille. Rotates tourne. Pulsates. Waterproof handle. 2 minute timer. Daily clean. Charge level display. Portable charging station. Delivery Content: Power brush with charging station. Technical Data: Rechargeable battery: Lasts up to 7 days (2 min, 2x/day). Compatible with Oral-B Brush Heads for every Oral Care need: 1. Floss action. 2. 3D white. 3. Sensitive gum care. 4. Deep sweep. 2 year limited warranty. Warranty includes replacement or repair of product. Proof of date of purchase is required. UL listed. oralb.com. oralb.ca. www.pg.com. Customer Service Number: 1-800-56-ORALB (1-800-566-7252). Learn more at oralb.com. RBRC: Recycle. 1.800.822.8837. Contains nickel-metal hydride battery. Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly. Handle, charger, brush head made in Germany.