Tom's of Maine™ Wicked Fresh!™ Cool Mountain Mist Mouthwash 16 fl. oz. Bottle

No artificial colors, flavors, fragrance, or preservatives. Gluten-free. Alcohol-free. Since 1970. SLS free. Fluoride-free. Natural. Neutralizes odor from bad breath germs. Long-lasting. Clinically proven. We believe what's inside matters. Zinc neutralizes the odor caused by bad breath germs, for long-lasting fresh breath, without the burn. What makes a product natural and good? At Tom's it includes how we make it. This product does not contain ethyl alcohol. We share every ingredient, its purpose, and its source at Learn more about our Stewardship Model and what natural means to for Tom's of Maine ingredients and their processing at: 5% (12 days) of employee time to volunteering. 10% of profits to human and environment goodness. No animal testing or animal ingredients. Sustainable practices are a priority in every aspect of our business. We strive to maximize recycled content and recyclability of our package.