Oral B Oral Rinse, Mouth Sore, Soothing Mint

Hydrogen peroxide oral debriding agent. Special care oral rinse. For Mouth Sores Including: Canker sores; cheek bites; braces & denture irritations; oral & gum irritations. Our Story: Oral-B was founded in 1949 by a periodontist who teamed up with his wife and daughter and, in their living room, designed and created a safer toothbrush. Since then, unleashing more smiles has been at the heart of Oral-B's innovation. The brand trusted by dentists and consumers worldwide now brings you the Oral-B Special Care Rinse Collection, crafted to meet your unique oral care needs. No Added: alcohol; artificial dyes; parabens; gluten; sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Hydrogen peroxide concentrate differs from USP standard for assay and preservative. Safe and effective. www.oralb.com. www.pg.com. Cap sealed with printed sleeve.