Giovanni Wellness System Shampoo, with Chinese Botanicals, Step 1

For all hair types. Scalp & follicle-focused holistic formulation. Soothes dry & itchy scalp. Strengthens hair roots. Deep nourishment for healthy hair. Mild formula will not strip or change hair color. Eco Chic technology. Eco Chic hair care. Wellness System shampoo with Chinese botanicals and Eco Chic technology. Where traditional Chinese botanicals and modern sciences meet, creating a wellness system of holistic hair & scalp care. Step 1: Botanicals/Wellness Benefit for Hair & Scalp: An Mole: antioxidant & keeps hair elastic. Hei Zhi Ma (USDA Certified Organic): soothes a dry itchy scalp. Jia Ma Chi Xian (USDA Certified Organic): strengthens hair roots. Mo Han Lian (USDA Certified Organic): strengthens & helps keep color. Wu Huan Zi: restores lustre. Wellness Shampoo Enhanced with: Panax Ginseng: promotes healthy hair growth. Mulberry Fruit: increases circulation to hair roots. This Wellness Shampoo combines traditional Chinese botanicals with the highest quality Western ingredients that energize your hair and scalp - to soothe a dry itchy scalp, strengthen roots and keep hair's elasticity. With antioxidant ginsenosides from panax ginseng and mulberry fruit in a lauryl and laureth sulfate free and paraben-free formulation, this Wellness Shampoo delivers a powerful tonic to relax and moisturize hair and scalp, increasing circulation to roots, and deeply nourishing hair follicles - thus promoting healthy hair growth. 100% vegetarian ingredients/no animal testing. We do not add parabens or lauryl or laureth sulfate or PEGs to this product. Please recycle. Cruelty free. Beauty from the elements is chic on the street. Made in USA.