EO Products Shampoo French Lavender - 8 fl oz

A natural coconut cleansing complex with an organic botanical blend gently removes excess oils & build-up. All hair types. EO Shampoo is formulated with gentle coconut-derived cleansers because shampoo is obviously meant to clean hair but not so much that it strips away the natural oils. And because we are EO, we have artfully blended pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into our Shampoo to create a pleasure-full experience for both your hair and senses. Your hair will feel clean and healthy and will smell delightful too! Gently removes the build-up of excess oils, styling products and chlorine. Coconut Cleansing Complex is uniquely gentle and richly lathering. By now you probably know we never use irritating sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates. Our Organic Herbal Blend is nutrient-rich and softening. Vitamins A & E are added to soothe and protect the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Witch Hazel helps remove build-up, conditions as it cleanses and leaves the scalp clean and refreshed. Love life. Live clean. Be mindful of what you put on and in your body. Choose wisely! No synthetic fragrances, only pure essential oils. Not tested on animals. Made in the U.S.A.