Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Thinning Hair System

Fruit stem cell science. Renew. Repair. Regenerate. Nature & knowledge. Improves follicle longevity and vitality for healthy hair from root to tip. Do you answer yes to any of the most common hair problems? 1. Does hair appear fine, dull or weak, with more in your hair brush? 2. Do you want more fullness and body for optimum styling? 3. Have you noticed a receding hairline, thinning crown, or a wider part? 4. Is your scalp producing excessive oil or dry, flakey build-up? 5. Do you want to accelerate healthy growth with exceptional shine? Andalou Naturals Age Defying Thinning Hair System is the solution. 1. Fortifies hair fibers against cuticle damage and split ends. 2. Amplifies hair texture and body for thicker, fuller hair. 3. Strengthens strands to reduce breakage and hair fall. 4. Cleanses scalp and stimulates follicles for unobstructed growth. 5. Actively nourishes for healthy, shiny hair from root to tip. How to argan fruit stem cells work? Argan fruit stem cells are designed to delay the depletion of root stem cells, stimulating dormant cells, and accelerating the natural repair process to combat the chronological aging of hair follicles. The result is fundamental age defying for healthy hair growth. Shampoo: 11.5 fl oz (340 ml). Conditioner: 11.5 fl oz (340 ml). Scalp Intensive: 2.1 fl oz (62 ml). Made naturally without sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes and fragrances, GMO or paraben preservatives. Verified gluten free. Vegetarian & cruelty free. pH balanced & color safe. Made in California.