thinkThin Protein & Fiber Bars Chunky Chocolate Peanut - 10 CT

Naturally flavored. 150 calorie bars. 10 g protein. 5 g fiber. 5 g of fat per bar. 5 g sugar per bar. Certified Gluten-Free. Low GI. No artificial sweeteners (Does not contain sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, neotame, or advantame). GMO free (All ingredients have been produced without genetic engineering). thinkThin is now think! So we were thinking, why shouldn't you be able to get a nutritious and delicious snack to help keep you full and satisfied? That's why every think! Protein+ 150 Calorie Bar has the perfect balance of protein and fiber with no more than 5 g of sugar in decadent flavors like Chunky Chocolate Peanut. Filled with roasted peanuts and rich chocolate flavor, this bar is a delicious way to keep you going through your day. I think! I can. GI Labs Tested.