Always Radiant Pads, with Flex Foam, Overnight, Light, Clean Scent, Size 4

Up to. 100% Leak & odor free. Overnight. Flexi-wing. Up to zero feel. 50% Larger back (vs. Radiant size 1). Plus large A. Freedom to wear what you want. Incredibly thin and absorbent pad is the perfect accessory for even the tightest jeans. Mix & match. Protection for every occasion. Made with form fitting flex foam. So you barley feel it. Up to 12 hours of leak free, zero feel protection.Neon vibes. Wrapper collection. P&G. My fit. Flow. Questions? Comments? Call toll free: 1-800-888-3115. When making inquiries, please refer to the number printed on the bottom of the package. For more information about this product and its fragrance visit the product detail pages on our website Pads. Liners. Tampons. Pocket tampons. Assembled in Canada.