Suave Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based, 10 oz

Suave Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs. Our alcohol-based hand sanitizer helps eliminate over 99.9% of many common harmful germs and bacteria. This hand sanitizer formula can be used on hands when soap and water are not available to clean hands and has no added fragrance. In a convenient 10 oz bottle, with an easy-to-use spray top, our Suave Hand Sanitizer fits easily on countertops or desks- for use at home or in the office. All Suave antibacterial hand sanitizers, including this 10 oz hand sanitizer, are alcohol-based and formulated to meet FDA regulations. How to use our antibacterial hand sanitizer in three easy steps! First, wet hands thoroughly with Suave liquid hand sanitizer product and allow hands to dry without wiping. Second, rub lightly until dry. Third, do not rinse! Reapply Suave Liquid Hand Sanitizer as needed for your hand sanitizing needs. To help those on the front lines, we are also donating our Suave Hand Sanitizers to the non-profit organization, Direct Relief. To learn more about what Direct Relief is doing to help health workers during this crisis, or to make a donation, visit At Suave, our mission is to keep those essential to you safe and taken care of. Whether you need haircare solutions, body products, or hand sanitizers, Suave has got you covered. Visit and explore our entire collection, including products for hair and body, for the whole family, to keep you looking and smelling great.